Deciphering the story behind the professional lighting trade

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    The exhibition area of the main venue of the lighting expo is 38,100 square meters, now the event has been fully completed, a total of 896 exhibitors, lighting online rate of 99%.There are more than 2,100 professional lighting trade enterprises participating in the main and sub-conference hall, among which 682 enterprises are participating in guzhen town, accounting for 42%.Guangdong's shenzhen, dongguan, foshan, as well as zhejiang, jiangsu, Hong Kong and other important scientific and innovative professional lighting enterprises than in previous years, accounting for about 18%.


    There will be 483 enterprises participating in lantern expo, 336 enterprises participating in huayi square, 500 enterprises participating in starlight alliance, 170 enterprises participating in times square, 73 enterprises participating in baisheng square, 23 enterprises participating in huayu square, 108 enterprises participating in street light city.In this exhibition, the main venue will be dominated by innovative and small and medium-sized enterprises, but at the same time, there will be a lot of well-known enterprises such as jingdong dengju supermarket, huayi, qilang and so on.In seven subsessions, lee and


2018年11月25日 16:05