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Manufacturers of ultra-thin LED panel lights

LED panel lamp (flat panel lamp) is a fashionable, fashionable, energy-saving, popular indoor lighting, LED light source not only has good lighting effect, but also has good uniformity of illumination, soft light, comfortable and bright, suitable for all occasions decoration and installation.
  • LED超薄面板灯生产商



    LED ultra-thin panel lamp passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form an even plane luminous effect, which not only has good uniformity of illumination, soft light, but also can relieve eyestrain.In addition, but also to prevent radiation, will not stimulate the skin of the elderly, children.

    LED ultra-thin panel has been widely used in office, school, hospital, shopping mall, home and other indoor lighting, it is believed that in the near future, it will replace the traditional lighting.




    • LED Panel light design is flexible

    • High illumination of LED panel lamp

    LED panel lamp adopts reflective panel and sealed design with even luminescence, and is made of aluminum alloy.Uniform luminous effect, higher illumination.LED面板

    • LED Panel lamp less heat

    • Lamp less thin heat, complete heat dissipation function, low power, less heat.