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Ultra-thin panel light

LED panel lamp is a fashionable, fashionable, energy-saving, popular indoor lighting, LED light source not only has good lighting effect, but also has good uniformity of illumination, soft light, comfortable and bright, suitable for all occasions decoration and installation.LED panel lamp is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing。
  • 超薄面板灯生产商





    Installation Method


    Ceiling installation mode

    1 Fix a wall frame to the roof or wall with screws

    2 Put the 4 fasteners on the lamps and lanterns on the card of the wall frame, and let the lamps and lanterns push to the inside direction of the wall, the fasteners will automatically buckle, and the lamps and lanterns are installed


    • Embedded installation mode

    1 After removing the plaster ceiling

    2 Replace the light fixture by placing the spring buckle vertically into the hole in the ceiling to remove the plaster.


    • Suspended ceiling installation mode

    1 The lower part of the hanging rope is connected with the fastener of the lamp.And the suction cup into the hanging rope, can pull the suction cup to adjust the height of the lamp.

    2 After adjusting the height, fix 4 suction cups on the roof with screws, and the lifting is completed.


    Integrated ceiling installation (this lamp is suitable for installation on integrated ceiling with keel)

    1 Install the dragon skeleton, and install the gusset plate one by one, and reserve the installation position of the lamp

    2 Connect the electrical line and dive the lamp into the dragon skeleton