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Manufacturers of ultra-thin LED panel lights

LED panel lights have been widely used in office, school, hospital, shopping mall, home and other indoor lighting, it is believed that in the near future, it will replace the traditional lighting.
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    • Matters Needing Attention For Panel Lamp Use


    1 Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether the product has been damaged during transportation.

    2 Packaging materials should be kept away from children to prevent them from playing with and suffocating!Prevent small parts from being swallowed by children.

    3 Keep children away from products and do not expose them to electrically charged devices

    4 Do not cover the product with anything. Keep the product away from open flames or hot objects.

    5 Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and maintain.Our company has the right to disassemble, repair products without giving replacement or warranty services.

    6 Before cleaning lamps, be sure to turn off the power supply, and clean with a dry cloth, do not use chemical or corrosive things to clean.