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Side glow ultra-thin panel light

LED panel lamp (flat panel lamp) is a fashionable, fashionable, energy-saving, popular indoor lighting, LED light source not only has good lighting effect, but also has good uniformity of illumination, soft light, comfortable and bright, suitable for all occasions decoration and installation.




    • Side Glow Ultra-thin Panel Lights Advantage: 

    1.Selective Color:two-tone

    2.Uniform soft light, bright, no dark area, no spot, completely flat output light, fast start, no strobe, reduce energy loss.Adopt high quality patch light source, no infrared ray, no ultraviolet ray, no radiation, no toxic substances such as mercury.

    3.It is suitable for indoor lighting of large shopping malls, hotels, living room corridors, offices, brand clothes, exhibition halls, boutiques, bars, home restaurants, etc.