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New PMMA two-color panel lamp

  • 亚克力新款双色面板灯


    • New two - color PMMA LED panel lamp less heat

    Thin and LED light panel lamp, complete heat dissipation function, low power, less heat.

    • The new two-color panel lamp has a long life

    • The theoretical life of LED panel lamp is as long as 100,000 hours.

    • If calculated by 8 hours per day, its theoretical life is more than 27 years.

    • The theoretical life of the CPL cup is even more than 100,000 hours.


    • LED OMMA new double - color ultra-thin panel lamp variety

    LED PMMA new two-color panel lamp can adjust the light color according to different needs and environmental changes, not only no radiation and glare, but also can protect eyesight, light color is more gentle.