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Side Ultra-thin Panel Lights

Side glow ultra thin panel lamp advantage
High purity aviation aluminum, a material without impurities better heat dissipation, reasonable structure, aluminum frame rigid strength, better protection of luminous parts, seamless Angle, prevent light leakage into the dust, gypsum white surface treatment, and the surrounding environment as a whole.
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    Side glow ultra thin panel lamp advantage

    High purity aviation aluminum, a material without impurities better heat dissipation, reasonable structure, aluminum frame rigid strength, better protection of luminous parts, seamless Angle, prevent light leakage into the dust, gypsum white surface treatment, and the surrounding environment as a whole.

    Taiwan crystal lamp beads, large luminous surface, color rendering more than 80, light efficiency 80-120, less light decay, stable quality

    High thermal conductivity substrate, with heat conduction double-sided adhesive tape, strong thermal conductivity, ensure that every point of heat emitted by the lamp bead is distributed through the aluminum, better ensure the lamp life of scientific and reasonable circuit design, ensure that each lamp bead distribution of voltage and current is uniform and equal, ensure the brightness of the whole lamp average.

    Imported mitsubishi PMMA light guide plate, light transmittance 98%, no deformation, no yellowing imported reflective paper, reflectance 99%, is 1.5 times ordinary.