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Side Glowing Panel Lights

  • 厂家供应超薄侧发光面板灯

    Manufacturer's supply side luminous ultra-thin panel lamp features:

    1. Side light source: after passing through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, the LED will form a very uniform planar luminous effect. The light is bright, soft, comfortable and not dazzling

    2. Ultra-light and ultra-thin, with a thickness of only 9mm and a weight of less than 12kg/ m2

    3. Ultra bright patch LED light source, more than 60% energy saving than ordinary fluorescent lamp

    4. External high PF constant current power supply, instant startup, no glare, no noise;PF 0.9, power efficiency: 85%;Input voltage: 85-265vac / 50-60hz

    5. Unique circuit design, any LED damage will not affect the light of other leds

    6. The side luminescence and good heat dissipation structure design enable the heat to be exported quickly. The temperature of the shell rises less than 40 degrees, effectively extending the life of the lamp

    7. Easy installation, embedded installation on the ceiling instead of the original grille lamp, integrated with the ceiling;Or hang from the ceiling

    8. The appearance is simple, exquisite and luxurious, which not only has good lighting effect, but also can be appreciated as artistic decoration;Can be applied in the wall when the wall lamp or back light as an artistic advertisement

    9. Light emitting Angle: > 120 °

    10. Life: 50,000h, maintenance-free

    11. Can be certified: CE, RoHS