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Engineering Panel Lights

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    Application range of ultra-thin panel lights for foreign trade projects:

    Hotels, meeting rooms, factories or offices, commercial USES, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting is required.LED flat panel lamp subverts the luminescence characteristics of traditional light source, and is featured by its ultra-thin, surface luminescence, energy saving, environmental protection, health and other features. It is the most ideal choice for modern office, home and advertising lamps.

    Features of ultra-thin panel lights for foreign trade projects:

    1, super long life, rich color, excellent color rendering characteristics, service life up to 50,000 hours (the service life of ordinary incandescent lamp is only 1,000 hours, the service life of ordinary energy-saving lamp is only 8,000 hours);

    2. High efficiency and energy saving, saving electricity and saving money.High photoelectric conversion efficiency, low heat, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light (ordinary incandescent lamp 80% of the electrical energy into heat, only 20% of the electrical energy into light);It only consumes a few kilowatt-hours for a thousand hours (ordinary 60W incandescent lamp consumes 1 kilowatt-hour for 17 hours and ordinary 10W energy-saving lamp consumes 1 kilowatt-hour for 100 hours);

    3, healthy light, protect eyesight.Does not contain ultraviolet and infrared radiation in the light, does not produce radiation (ordinary light line contains ultraviolet and infrared);Dc drive, no stroboflash (ordinary lights are ac drive, it is inevitable to produce stroboflash);

    4, green, safe to use.Does not contain mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, will not produce electromagnetic interference (common lamp tube contains mercury and lead and other elements, energy-saving lamp electronic ballast will produce electromagnetic interference);Completely in accordance with the eu RoHS directive material manufacturing, no safety hazards.