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Direct Lights Panel Lights

Hotels, meeting rooms, factories or offices, commercial USES, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting is required.Straight LED ultra-thin panel lamp subverts the traditional light source's luminous characteristics, with its ultra-thin, surface luminous, energy saving, environmental protection, health and other characteristics
  • 跨境专供直发光面板灯





    Hotels, meeting rooms, factories or offices, commercial USES, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting is required.Straight LED ultra-thin panel lamp subverts the traditional light source's luminous characteristics, with its ultra-thin, surface luminous, energy saving, environmental protection, health and other characteristics wonderful appearance, is the most ideal modern office, home, advertising lamps choice.

    Advantages of led ultra-thin panel lights:

    1. Two-color LED light source design adds color to life

    2. Healthy light source, no strobe, no dark area

    3. High quality chip, high color rendering performance, restore clear vision

    4. Led light source has a long life, which makes you feel comfortable to use