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Square Downlights

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    Professional lamps and lanterns trade production downlight using constant current IC drive power supply, fast starting speed, wide voltage constant current circuit, voltage 90-245v can be used normally, no strobe, stable and efficient performance.

    Because the LED light source belongs to the cold light source, and USES the pure aluminum shell, so the heating value of the surface mounted down light is very small, long time irradiation product, the product does not change color.

    Professional lamps trade production downlight is suitable for high-grade hotels, hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, museums, libraries, stores, offices, restaurants, stations and other places.

    According to customers' requirements, we can use the light source of the world famous brands, such as kerui, longminas, philips, and purui, to customize high-quality professional lamps to produce dishes downlights.

    Professional lamps trading production downlight power 8w, 12w.

    Photoelectric 0-10v dimming professional lamps trading production dishes downlight using international general input voltage 100-250v, integrated three dimming functions (integrated three dimming functions (0/1-10v dimming, 100K resistance dimming or 10VPWM dimming), using active PFC function, power factor high, high precision, high efficiency.Power supply for isolation circuit design, in line with the world lighting safety specifications.Photoelectric thyristor dimmer professional production of lamps and lanterns trade food canister light adopts LED dimming power cut, dimming range 0-100%, suitable for cut along the phase after the Mosfet Traic dimmer and frontier phase SCR dimmers, have active PFC function above 0.90, isolation type constant current plus or minus 1%, maintain current intelligent adjustment, suitable for different dimming system (Siemens, road, chi, panasonic), within the range of adjustable light to ensure that move light smooth, stable, no flicker.Power supply for isolation circuit design, in line with the world lighting safety specifications.