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Large Scale landscape Lamp

Urban sign landscape lamp large landscape lamp, by reflecting the characteristics of urban construction, has a radiation and control effect on the surrounding environment within a certain range, integrates the corresponding humanistic value, and becomes a reference for people to identify the orientation and symbolic landscape of a certain area memory
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    Urban sign landscape lamp large landscape lamp, by reflecting the characteristics of urban construction, has a radiation and control effect on the surrounding environment within a certain range, integrates the corresponding humanistic value, and becomes a reference for people to identify the orientation and symbolic landscape of a certain area memory.It not only has high ornamental value, but also emphasizes the integration and unification of its characteristics and urban characteristics.The city sign landscape lamp USES the iron system, the Q235 steel and the stainless steel take the lamp pole main body, the transparent part USES the acrylic, the toughened glass or the PMMA transparent cover, the light source USES the metal halide lamp, the high pressure sodium lamp, the LED bulb or the lamp belt to do the illumination light source according to the modelling and the effect request form a complete set.The city sign landscape lamp is suitable for the city center square, the large-scale park, and other large-scale places illumination use.

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