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Customized Point Light Source

LED point light source is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection decorative light, using LED cold light source luminescence, built-in microcomputer chip, can be arbitrary programming control, multiple synchronous change, monochrome change can also achieve synchronous color gradient, jump, scanning, full color change effect of water lamp and multiple LED point light source composi

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    LED point light source is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection decorative light, using LED cold light source luminescence, built-in microcomputer chip, can be arbitrary programming control, multiple synchronous change, monochrome change can also achieve synchronous color gradient, jump, scanning, full color change effect of water lamp and multiple LED point light source composition lattice screen.Can be changed to a variety of pictures, text and animation effects, is a linear light source and floodlight lighting a supplement, beautiful appearance can meet the building and other decorative point line surface design requirements.LED point light source USES aluminum base, heat dissipation, excellent waterproof performance, easy installation, simple control, low voltage power supply, safe and reliable, noble appearance, is the building, bridge outline, hotel, billboards, curtain wall and night lighting ideal decoration.


    1. Fix the lamp body in the desired position with screws or glue.

    2. Connect the power line and signal line according to the installation drawing, and make waterproof treatment.

    Pay attention to the problem

    1. Note that the power supply is consistent with the working power of LED point light source.

    2. The signal line between the lamp body and the controller is normally connected.The power cord of the controller is connected to the power supply that provides normal operation.

    3. Do a good job of waterproof treatment when connecting the power line and signal line.

    4. Handle the daytime effect after installation and minimize the influence on the daytime effect of the structure.

    5. Installation of point light source, considering the convenience of later maintenance.The layout of controllers, electrical appliances and so on is economical and reasonable and convenient for maintenance