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LED Fountain Lamp Production

Led fountain lamp is a kind of water or other liquid through a certain pressure through the nozzle spray out of a specific shape of the combination, water pressure generally for the pump, after years of development, now has gradually developed into several categories: music fountain;Programmed fountain;Music + program-controlled fountain;Laser water screen movies;and etc
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    Led fountain lamp is a kind of water or other liquid through a certain pressure through the nozzle spray out of a specific shape of the combination, water pressure generally for the pump, after years of development, now has gradually developed into several categories: music fountain;Programmed fountain;Music + program-controlled fountain;Laser water screen movies;Fun fountain, plus specific lighting, control system, to purify the air, beautify the environment.


    The led fountain lamp was originally a natural landscape, a surface outcrop of artesian water.Fountain in the garden, is generally for the needs of landscape, artificial construction of decorative water spraying device.The fountain moistens the surrounding air, reducing dust and lowering temperatures.The tiny droplets of water in the fountain collide with air molecules and produce large amounts of negative oxygen ions.Therefore, the fountain is beneficial to improve the appearance of the city and improve the physical and mental health of the residents.