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LED Fountains Lamp

Led fountain lamp is a kind of water or other liquid through a certain pressure through the nozzle spray out of a specific shape of the combination, water pressure generally for the pump, after years of development, now has gradually developed into several categories: music fountain;Programmed fountain;Music + program-controlled fountain;Laser water screen movies and etc
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    Professional lighting suppliers tell you what to pay attention to when installing LED fountain lights


    1, according to the total power of LED fountain lamp configuration size suitable transformer

    Generally speaking, the transformer utilization rate of 75% is more appropriate, that is, the transformer of 100W drives not more than 75W lights.Pay attention to the incoming and outgoing lines of the transformer.


    2. The distance between the transformer and the lamp

    Because of the resistance of the wire itself, a portion of the voltage is split, resulting in a voltage of less than 12V for the remote underwater lamp.Therefore, the underwater lamp should not be too far away from the transformer outlet.If the distance is too far, the number of transformers can be increased.


    3, do waterproof

    Make the connection between power supply and transformer, transformer and fountain lamp waterproof -- use waterproof junction box and sealant.As to other wiring, basically be wiring joint must do waterproof.

    It is safer to put the high voltage (220V) part in the transformer cabinet on the ground and the low voltage part in the water.


    4. Whether it is surface mounted (waterscape fountain lamp) or dark mounted (embedded fountain lamp), a 0.6-1 meter long cable should be reserved, so as to avoid problems with the lamps in the future and the water of the whole pool needs to be released. In this way, even if the fountain lamp of the lamps does not work, the lamps can be towed to the shore for demolition and return to the factory for maintenance.