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Customized Underwater Lights

  • 外贸商照供应商LED水下灯

    Underwater lights are generally LED light sources. LED is called the fourth generation lighting light source or green light source, which has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and so on.When it is powered, it can emit a variety of colors, gorgeous, usually installed in a park or fountain pool.

    Product advantage

    1. Security

    People-oriented, in the landscape, should take personal safety as the first element.According to the requirements of the national standard, 12V safety voltage LED underwater lamp shall be selected and used with ac transformer.Manufacturers and dealers sometimes do not use low-voltage underwater lights in order to make business, or users do not use low-voltage underwater lights in order to make business, although it reduces the procurement cost of customers (save the cost of transformers), but increases the safety risk.

    2, specification

    Common specifications are: diameter, material, voltage, power, luminous color, etc.Can be customized.Commonly used are seven color light and warm white light.If pay attention to illume function, choose warm white light commonly or white light;If notice colour effect, usable 7 colour irregular change, or red, yellow, blue, green.Externally controlled underwater lights can achieve complex effects.

    3. Appearance modeling and shell materials

    The power, shape, internal control or external control of underwater lights can be selected according to the design, budget and other factors of the lighting site.LED fountain lamps are generally used in the fountain, which can be combined with ordinary underwater lamps to produce effects. Ordinary underwater lamps can be used in ordinary pools and parks.Due to long-term use in the water, the shell material of the underwater lamp should have a certain anti-corrosion function, can choose the stainless steel shell or ABS plastic shell LED underwater lamp.

    4. Economy

    Economy is the sum of lump-sum investment and operation cost.Generally speaking, the underwater lamps with beautiful shape and good quality have higher price, longer service life and lower operation and maintenance cost.Conversely, the quality of the underwater lamp is poor, although the price is cheap, but often because of leakage, leakage and lead to blindness, not only increased the cost of operation, and some even affect the acceptance of the whole project.