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Intelligent Ceiling Lamp

As the main carrier of office visual space, intelligent lighting has greatly improved the understanding of its importance. Humanized lighting and its effect on people's physiology are increasingly concerned
  • 智能吸顶灯

    Office building interior is modern city an important place for people engaged in all kinds of activities for a long time, with the computer, network and the development of office automation technology, new methods of work, the change of business practices, rising energy costs, which means that future office environment is a significant change, and is about to happen because efficient work not only comes from the employees and their work process, but also from the building itself.

    In the office, the long man-machine dialogue and the improvement of personal work efficiency need to be able to focus on the work environment.At the same time, the office is also a place for people to communicate with each other, which integrates people from different functional departments to work together. According to the different requirements of independence and communication in work, it is necessary to create a comfortable and diverse intelligent lighting environment.

    As the main carrier of office visual space, intelligent lighting has greatly improved the understanding of its importance. Humanized lighting and its effect on people's physiology are increasingly concerned.Lighting, is not only to meet a single copy of the work done by a single design, it in different functional areas to meet different levels of illumination, dazzle light control, color temperature, color and other requirements.Not only that, it also involves psychology, aesthetics, architecture, economics and other related factors, become a comprehensive solution.

    Functional features

    1. Mobile phone remote control, local point-to-point control

    2. Timing setting and mode control

    3. Full color free adjustment

    4. Linear free adjustment of brightness

    5. Color temperature can be adjusted freely to meet seasonal lighting requirements

    6. Support lighting requirements of various scene modes

    7. Support segmented color temperature and night light mode

    Technical parameters

    Working voltage: AC 85V~265V

    Communication mode: 2.4g

    Standby power consumption: <0.

    Rated power: 5W

    Remote control distance: 30 meters

    Working temperature: - 10 ℃ to 50 ℃

    Working humidity: 0% ~ 90%

    Flame retardant grade: UL94V-0